5 keys to be happy all year: we readjust to the routine

The syndrome or post-holiday stress is what is called the emotional pressure to return to the routine after a vacation period. It is not considered as a disease, it is an adaptive period that some people can suffer. If you are one of them, we give you some keys to overcome it.

What is it and why is it produced?  return-to-the-routine

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Although there is no an agreement that corroborates that there is, if there is a evidence that the return to work for many people causes stress. This happens because in Spain work is considered an obligatory, negative and sacrificial activity for a large part of the population; On the other hand, for those more creative jobs the rate of return anxiety is almost non-existent.

The readjustment to normality assumes a change in schedule , tasks and functions in most very abrupt that can lead to this "depressive state", but although it is true that in most people, this return to normal originates a state of illusion to face the new stage with other points of view , in general, more motivating.

In the most serious cases, this turn can cause acute stress pictures with symptoms such as: depression, sweating, lack of concentration, discomfort, anxiety, palpitations, tremors, mood swings ... And they are more manifest in women, having a socio-family conciliation of greater pressure. If these symptoms are prolonged in time, it can cause a chronic stress picture , which requires medical attention as soon as possible.

Q What can I do to overcome it?


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More than you think. I give you guidelines to face this difficult stage for different symptoms that you notice in yourself:

  1. If you notice anxiety for the beginning of your working day, the children's school, housework, responsibilities ... Try to start gradually . At work, give priority to the most pleasing tasks for you and end the days with the ones that least satisfy you. The beginning will be less difficult.
  2. Practice relaxation before going to sleep or at noon at noon, clear your mind of responsibilities and try to maintain the essence of the vacation as long as possible.
  3. Decay for the return . Your body is noticing the end of the holidays and your mood is declining turning it into sadness and resignation. Fast forward your vacation , it is better to have two days less and be at home to start getting used to it, to come back and join the next day. Your mind needs to be made little by little to normal, go home a few days before work.
  4. You have started your routine and you lack energy , this sudden change has left you without strength. The key is to eat compulsorily and calmly . Get up early and prepare a good breakfast, containing fruit, dairy, cereals and some protein. Find the best place in your house to start the day, recharge your batteries by feeding your body and your mind.
  5. If you go back to work and you notice that you do not concentrate enough, the mind wanders excessively and your tiredness It begins to be extreme. Surely, you've recovered sleep on vacation days, well done! Now you have to keep that line. To get it, sleep enough and recover your usual schedules little by little. Have dinner before, go to bed sooner and take advantage of the hours of light that will become less and less.It is a natural anti-stress method, it releases endorphins (happiness hormone) and keeps your mind and body agile and fit.
  6. As a last advice, it may be the hardest to control, the apathy of Think about the next vacation period . Do not think long term, you have enjoyed your vacation to the fullest and that's great, but it's time to think in the short term. Set the next goal , work and personal and give 100% in it. You will see how little by little that wait becomes shorter, and best of all, having achieved many goals that only you have marked yourself.

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All these tips will not help you unless you have a positive and proactive attitude . Be happy in each of the things you do and surpass yourself every day . The best thing of all is to surround yourself with your friends, family and positive people. Look for the good side of each situation, because everyone has it. What do you think, do we start to be happy?

Love the life you have, to be able to live the one you want

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