Abdominals visible in 1, 2, 3!

Why sacrifice at specific periods of the year to get some abs visible for a while? Do you think it is worth a very strict diet in a timely manner? Now I ask you ... Would you like to see your abdomen all year and enjoy a healthy life? Do not stop reading!

The abdomen is a zone of the body much sought after by many of you. And you know what? Anybody who does physical exercise, where they include a good isometric work , has a worked abdomen; only many times it is necessary to combine some factors to make it more colorful. What can we do?

First thing! and the most important thing is not to become obsessed with "doing crunches", since it is not only a physical work . The idea is to bring a good nutrition . Yes it is true, that to get bulky abs, it is necessary to include a work located in the abdominal area, since if a good pillar is not built, the abdomen will be thinner.

If what we are looking for is a flat belly, without excess fat and lightly see the abdominal muscles , apply these tips!

  • Include abdominal work routines 3 times a week, either with our own weight, or with additional weight if volume is sought.
  • Perform aerobic exercises during the week, favoring the elimination of liquids, increasing resistance and keeping the metabolism active.
  • Sessions of pilates, yoga , balance and isometric exercises for the strengthening of the core.

Exercise the core for the strengthening of the center of your body.

Abdomen marked

These tips are very good for building the abdominal muscles but ... and to see it? Is it enough to work it? For many girls, yes, but for those who tend to accumulate fat in this area, feeding is essential. How? Very simple!

  • Say a see you later! to foods with excess sugars, to those rich in saturated fats, avoid excess oils when you cook, and set aside soft drinks, not only because of the sugars they contain, but because they cause belly swelling if they are gaseous.
  • Hydrate at all times! Drinking 3 liters of water daily helps eliminate liquids. If you have trouble drinking water, you can include infusions, tea ...
  • Include a good portion of vegetables at meals. Besides being satiated, they are very nutritious as they provide a lot of fiber.
  • Increase the intake of fruits rich in water.
  • Add protein strong> to your plates, you will be satisfied for more time, in addition to helping the muscular reconstruction.

A visible abdomen is at your fingertips. What you serve on your plate will be your result!

Easy! true? After reading these little tips, do you still think that it is better seasons with restrictions on food, as a result of not having a good habit of feeding? You decide!

The defined abdomen can be maintained with good habits! These healthy habits will not only help you look good abdomen, you will also take care of your body. They are all advantages!

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