Cardio x3 = Result? Benefits?

Are you sure that excess cardio brings you great benefits? Let's clarify this ...

Many girls spend a great deal of time training to aerobic exercise thinking that the more they can do, the better! The more fat you will burn and the better results you will get! Here a false myth in every rule. It is totally wrong to think that the more cardiovascular exercise a person performs, the more fat they will burn and the more weight they will lose, should that be the goal. First of all, clarify that there are certain athletes who only engage in racing competitions, cycling, etc., in which case it is normal training focused exclusively on this type of physical activity.

However, For those people whose goal is the loss of fat, it is not enough to "kill yourself" to do the so-called "cardio". Moreover, a training aimed at that goal should not focus on this type of activity, but should be combined with strengthening and muscle growth. For this, there are classes of toning in the gym and resistance among a wide variety, but you can also do your own routine of weight training.

Combine aerobic exercise with muscle strengthening.

Why is a training where you include a muscular job important? Very easy! This is a directly proportional relationship! A higher percentage of muscle mass, more energy requires our body to maintain muscle, advantage? greater caloric expenditure and therefore greater body fat burning; and this is where we would enter the deficit or caloric surplus, playing with the calories ingested daily to get that fat burning that some we have left ... But only a little! Remember that it is important to have a certain percentage of body fat for health reasons.

A higher percentage of muscle mass, more daily caloric expenditure.

After This little roll, I would like to tell you my experience, since, as many of you know, of the failures of oneself you learn!

I was one of those who thought that the more "cardio" I did daily, the more Body fat was going to burn. But no! Better to correct and realize later than never; and as I myself fell into this error, I want to convey that the only thing that is achieved with the abuse of cardiovascular exercise is physical exhaustion , stress for the production of cortisol, and very low performance when training. I believe that this is not an advantage and surely none of you will want to reach such a situation.

Cardio abuse is equivalent to physical exhaustion.

What I want to convey in this post is one thing: stay with this idea alone! " The bigger we are muscular, our body will use more energy to move because it weighs more, so the fat ... will say goodbye! Do not be afraid to strengthen the muscle! ".


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