Do not suffer to see your silhouette more defined!

Cycles of volume and definition that stress ... for what?

Many of you will associate winter to a stage of volume. And spring to a definition stage to show a good silhouette in summer right?

Well, the cycles of volume and definition are a very broad topic. And according to the person, these cycles will be carried out in different ways and in different seasons. Being very important the final goal as a main point.

How do you propose your volume stage?

You do not necessarily have to gain an excess of kilos for get muscle mass. If it is true, that the presence of body fat favors the formation of muscle. But that does not mean we have to exceed the consumption of daily calories. By this I mean, that the body suffers with very sudden changes in diet. Affecting our mood too.

What happens with these excesses?

It is important that in the volume phase, not only increases the average of fat. But the increase should be in the percentage of muscle mass. Therefore, you need a control at this stage and not offset in the feed , why? Because then the so-called definition phase will come. And the more controlled the percentage of body fat, the easier the path will be.

Small steps = better results

Do you want a definition phase be bearable?

Very simple! I'll tell you the key Control your volume phase! It's much easier to start from a medium-low fat percentage. That of a higher one, that supposes to lower remarkably the consumption of carbohydrates, increase of cardiovascular exercise. In addition to a low-calorie diet. All this leads to greater physical fatigue, stress, mood swings, increased appetite ... What do you think?

If you carry out a volume without rush, controlled, and without exceeding too much in the percentage of body fat ... it will be easy to get a silhouette marked is less time, without periods of emotional stress, or physical is it possible? Of course! If you take care of your habits 365 days a year, counting the occasional whims, dedicating rest days to your body everything is possible!

The key is only in balance
How are your cycles? The most important thing: plan to take care of your first home, your body and mind . Do not stress them and everything will come on wheels. This is a personal path, not a competition. Love your body as it is, and then come personal improvement to get the best version of you.


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