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Frequently Asked Questions


1.) What is your vacation policy? Families who attend on a year-round basis receive two weeks per year for which they do not pay IF their child(ren) is absent Monday-Friday of the same week(s). 
2.) How do you know your staff are safe to work with children? Every staff member who works with children, including kitchen and custodial staff, are state and federally background checked.
3.) What kind of education do your teachers have? At least one teacher in each room has a college degree. All teachers must participate in fifteen hours of continuing education yearly; administrators must participate in twenty hours of continuing education yearly.
4.) How do I get into your Summer Only Afterschool Program? All attendees MUST get onto the waiting list yearly to be considered for the Summer Only School Age program. Click on the Program Info link on the right of the page. From there you will be able to print out a waiting list form.
5.) What kind of feedback will I get about my child's progress? Please make a point to chat with your child's teachers regularly, asking specific questions.  Yearly conferences are offered in the spring for children in the threes and fours.

6.) What is your confidentiality policy? All staff and child files are confidential.

7.) What is your policy on breast feeding? Parents wishing to come on-site to breast feed are welcome.  Alternatively, parents should bring bottles prepped with breast milk.  Because breast milk is a bodily fluid and can contain bloodborne pathogens, Shandon Weekday School will not allow breast milk to be placed in sippy cups, which leak. 

8.) Where can I find my School-age child after 5:00 p.m.? Grades 1-5 are on the playground from 5:00-6:00 unless the weather is prohibitive. Then they will be in the Activity Center (gym) except during Wednesday Night Supper. In this case, school-agers will be in their rooms. Middler parents, please ask your teachers to explain the system to alert you when the children are in the room after 5:00 p.m. versus when they have left the building to go to the playground.

9.) Do I have to reapply for the waiting list yearly? No. Once a child is on the list, s/he will remain on the list until a parent or guardian is offered a spot for that child.

10.) What is your grievance policy? Parents are encouraged to speak first to the teacher, then to the director.

11.) What kind of religious education will my child receive? During the school year, preschool children attend weekly chapel once they are in the two-year-old room.  An age-appropriate, non-threatening children's chapel story is read by a guest speaker, typically one of the religious leaders of Shandon Presbyterian Church.






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