How to do squats correctly for women

Squats are one of the basic exercises that are part of many training routines. Knowing how to do squats correctly for women is essential for effective training . Also to avoid injuries due to bad technique . Especially considering that this exercise is the basis of other more elaborate. For example when it is done with some kind of added weights. These tricks and tips will help you to do it correctly.

How to do squats correctly for women, practical tips

Avoid creating an anomalous curvature in the backbone when descending


It is such a common mistake that it even has a proper name. Experts call it extreme wink or funny wink . But it has very little grace if you stop to think that it can cause a herniated disc.
Keep the technique being very aware of this point is essential. How to solve it? In addition to having this problem present during the practice of squats to avoid it there are other things you can do. Among them, reinforce abdominal stability with appropriate exercises. And stretch the hip flexors two or three times a day to keep them in shape.

When doing squats with weight, take care of the initial position

The initial position is key to do the exercise with a good technique and avoid injuries . You must place the bar on the trapezius muscles always keeping in mind that this should never be placed on the cervicals. Also, the feet must maintain the correct posture to do squats.

Prevent your knees from collapsing inward

The most common cause of the knees collapsing inward is to keep the hips too tight. But this can also happen if you have stiff ankles. If you know how to do squats correctly for women but you find yourself unable to prevent knees from collapsing, consult your physiotherapist. It can help you find the cause.
Strengthening hamstrings and glutes will also help you avoid this problem .
Do not insist on doing the squats in an inappropriate way. This could cause you serious injury when doing squats.

Never take out your ass too much


A frequent error to doing squats is that the glutes protrude excessively. For some reason it happens to many women. If you notice that when you do squats they begin to excel, you must remedy them.
To do this you must make sure you keep your chest and shoulders upright. At the same time you should keep the back straight with the head facing forward.
This does not mean that the ass should get ahead. Not much less. This is a key point of the body for good posture and good technique. In fact, it must be pushed back. And probably the "backward" is what some people confuse with taking out. The trick is to imagine that you are descending to sit on a chair . This usually helps maintain proper posture when doing squats.

Keep your back straight, key to how to do squats correctly for women

Your back should look more like a half V than a half U . Especially during the descent. Balance is key when doing squats . But sometimes it seems that overloading one leg with respect to the other is something alien to oneself. If you feel that this is happening to you, consult a physiotherapist. It can be a problem of muscle imbalance resulting from an injury or caused by other reasons. The professional will tell you if you really suffer from this problem and how to solve it. So you can continue doing squats without increasing this postural problem.

Keep your feet straight in relation to the shoulders and knees behind the feet

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Open your legs to the width of your shoulders when doing squats


It's true that there are different types of squats . And that each of them requires a leg position. But if you are learning to do squats, before doing any variation, you must learn the basic technique well. And for this it is important that you keep your legs open to the width equivalent of your shoulders.

Never lose your connection to the floor

Never have the occurrence of lifting the floor of the feet from the floor while doing squats. And even less if it is squats with weight. The loss of strength would be gross l. And, on occasion, it would also be accompanied by a dangerous loss of balance. This could cause a serious injury .

Keep your arms straight when doing simple squats

When you set out to do squats without Weight do not forget the importance of the arms posture . Keep them either together or parallel, stretched and at a 90 ° angle to the body.

Consider these tips on how to properly squat for women. They are keys to make a good technique. It depends on you to really work the muscles you want to exercise. And, in addition, it is essential to avoid injuries.

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