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Parent Handbook
A Parent Handbook is accessible to SWS families in hard copy form from the SWS office.

Shandon Weekday School has been in operation since 1958. SWS was born as an extension of the church's desire for outreach to and for children of all races, creeds, and religious backgrounds. SWS seeks to provide a Christian, nurturing environment that encourages the social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth of children. Through a variety of programs in physical activity and group interaction plus creative learning in art, language, science, number exploration, movement and music, the child will grow to develop a good image of his/her own worth as a child of God. Our Mission is "to teach and care for children in a nurturing, Christian environment that encourages their social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth." Our Vision is "for every child to feel safe, loved, and valued."


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