Produce your own happiness hormone with Fitness!


What is Fitness?

When you hear "Chic @ Fitness" ... What do you think?

Those people who are not very familiar with this world, could imagine the typical fibrous body, with very little body fat percentage. A body that is achieved with a very hard work based on sacrifices in food and high level of training. Without forgetting the intake of sports supplementation. I just hope you do not believe in that image. Since what I have described above is achieved in very specific moments and in people whose goal is to go to competitions.

Physical and emotional wellbeing is possible!

So, what is "fitness"? Personally, I define it as a style of healthy living , offering physical and emotional well-being. A person who practices a sport, will have a healthy physique with good muscle mass, favoring the protection of the skeleton and without excess fat. Avoiding muscle problems and the appearance of certain diseases. All the above is taken by the hand of a healthy diet. Providing your body with all the macronutrients it needs, without overusing dishes rich in saturated fats and sugars. The key is balance!

Fitness = healthy living

You will wonder why there is a very close relationship between the fitness and emotional well-being, very simple! When we exercise, the body produces a series of hormones , such as serotonin, favoring a state of calm after performing the exercise session, avoiding feelings of depression.
Another hormone involved is endorphin, which favors a good mood. Experiencing feelings of happiness avoiding the stress and anxiety caused by our routines: work, studies, among others.
With physical exercise you will produce your own hormone of happiness.

Y ... Who does not want a healthy physical body and experience a state of emotional well-being? I think we all want to!

Do you want to miss out on the myriad advantages offered by this lifestyle? Test it! And above all take care of your body and mind that is your first home.


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