Start loving the burpees: a month's challenge to get fit

There is no exercise more hated and beneficial at the same time, it has as many detractors as followers, I talk about the famous burpees . I tell you its benefits (which are many) and a method to practice them progressively, so that little by little you can get the taste. If you want to practice them, stay with me and start ...

  1. What are the burpees?

It is a multiarticular exercise (several muscle groups are mobilized at the same time), and one of its main objectives is to raise the heart rate and temperature. The relative strength and the strength resistance are also worked on, which makes this exercise ideal for activating the metabolism and the burning of fats.

The relative strength is the type of force calculated according to the weight of each person. For example: 5 kgs for a person can be little, but for another I can assume 80% of its strength if we look at the individual weight. The mockery works that kind of force because it's about moving your own body.

The strength endurance is the ability to maintain movement for a specific period of time at the same speed of execution. It is the total objective of the exercise.


2. Why do burpees?

The reason is as simple as that of a single exercise you will get fit. Its benefits are:

  • When you do not need material , you can do it anywhere.
  • It is ideal to make them as warming or End of a continuous race .
  • You can train metabolically . Using the Tábata method or extending the repetitions from time to time.
  • It's a good cardiovascular and coordination training , one of the basic skills you barely train. It requires the neuromuscular concentration necessary to mobilize the whole body in an explosive manner.
  • Toning of the upper body by including a fund in the second phase of movement.
  • Power work at the time of the jump You will gain tone and strength in your legs!
  • It has multiple variations depending on your level. In this video I show you some ideas, which one do you stay with?
  • You can do it as a couple , Challenge your training partner to finish before you, and feel proud for the work done!

3. How are they done?

The complete exercise consists of 4 main phases, take note of each of them, they are very easy!

  • Small squat or squat down your hip and touching the ground with your hands. In this phase a very common mistake is to bend the back and not the knees, which makes us reach the ground but put our lumbar health at risk. Start loving the burpees: a month's challenge to get fit
  • Rest your hands on the ground and stick a jump back in the iron position . You will know that it is good if you have your shoulders to the hips at the same height. Now you decide if you include a background or not, it depends on the intensity you want to give it.

Start loving the burpees: a month's challenge to get fit

  • Go back to pick up your legs in the starting position . Very explosive moment for your body!

Start loving the burpees: a month's challenge to get fit

  • From here stick a vertical jump and put your hands over the head , make that slap resound on the walls. Your own challenge

    You know what burpees are and their great benefits ... let's practice them! For this I bring you a 30 day plan that we will be increasing the number of burpees every two days; so the first will be to get the number marked, and the second to assimilate that figure, and we increase little by little.

    Do it to warm up before continuing with your weight routine or take it as the only training during this month of December and in order to stay active this Christmas. Here is your challenge:

    Start loving the burpees: a month's challenge to get fit

    Have you completed the 30 days? What sensations do you have? See you in future challenges ...

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