Stay fit with these exercises to do on the beach

Doing exercise on the beach is a good way to stay fit in summer . The exercises to do on the beach should not require special equipment or supplies. They should be on track to feel good and be suitable to do on the sand without disturbing other people. Taking advantage of the closeness of the sea and the benefits of its breeze for health and the state of mind will make these exercises to do on the beach make you feel very good.

Tips to do exercise on the beach

Choose the best time and location for exercising on the beach

Exercises to do on the beach should be simple and not require a large space for it. In addition, it is advisable that you do them in a schedule that avoids the central hours of the day. Not only because they are the hottest and least suitable for the practice of physical exercise. Also because in this way you will avoid so much bother as being bothered by other beach users.

Hydrate properly


Hydration is essential when doing physical exercise . Especially on the beach in summer. Perspiration increases and with it the loss of fluids and electrolytes. You will need to provide extra hydration to your body . A good way to do it is the Evobcaas product take that you can take to the beach in a steel shaker to keep the drink fresh and to your liking.

These dissolve so well that you can even add them to the water with ice. You can take them if you train fasting, early in the day. But also at any other time throughout it. The anti-drip shaker will help you maintain a pleasant liquid temperature and is very resistant. This and its great capacity make it a very practical article which you will get a lot of in both summer and the rest of the year.


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Choose well where you will exercise

You can exercise on the wet and hard sand of the shore. This will allow you to train barefoot without burning your feet. In addition, it will facilitate good posture and proper technique on your part minimizing the risk of injury .

However, you should be aware that some exercises are best done on dry sand. Therefore choosing a place near the shore with dry and wet sand nearby is the best choice.


Remember that it is important to protect yourself from the sun .Anyway you can create a table of exercises to do on the beach that includes them both for your summer vacation and for the rest of the year.

Squats to exercise legs and buttocks, mainly


Squats are one of the > Exercises to make on the beach more suitable for exercising the lower train. It is important that you keep your back upright during all phases of the exercise. Try to do it in an area of ​​wet and firm sand. According to your state of form, repeat this between 10 and 20 times

Strides to work the lower train

Stand up, with the legs slightly separated from the width of the hip. Inspire and execute a step forward with one leg keeping the torso as straight as possible. The forward leg should be flexed in the knee until the thigh is parallel to the ground and this knee forms an angle of 90 degrees with the leg.

Keep the other leg anchored to the ground by descending towards it. knee. Exhaling returns to the starting position. Perform 10 repetitions with each leg.

Burpees with flexion and jump for a complete exercise

Burpees are exercises to do on the beach very complete . So much to do on the wet and hard sand of the shore as on the dry and soft sand.

To do these exercises on the beach, crouch in an area with enough space so as not to be disturbed or bother other users. . Rest your hands on the floor at shoulder-width apart and place your feet between your hands.


Push your feet back to make an iron. Then bend with your back straight and touch the floor with your chest. From there, push your feet forward to return to the crouched position. Then, in a single movement, take a leap while extending your hands to the sky to land gently, cushioning the fall with your legs so that you can crouch again.

This is a very demanding exercise , you do not need to do a large number of repetitions.

Double run and jump to exercise in an integral way

On the dry sand take two steps running in long stride and, in the Third, jump with your feet together to get as high and forward as possible. Repeat for 30 seconds as many times as possible. Then return to the starting position by running backwards.

Repeat the complete sequence 3 more times.

These exercises to do on the beach can be completed with stretches racing through the sand. And even with the execution of simple push-ups in the water. Rate what other exercises or sports you practice throughout the day to include them or not in your table of exercises to do on the beach .

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