Supplements for runners: improve your performance quickly

There is currently a large variety on the market of types of supplements where we can find supplements for effective and healthy runners. These sports supplements for runners are formulated to improve various factors that influence the performance of the athlete . Always in a legal and healthy way . Improving the efficiency of training and the capabilities of the runner. Do you know this type of supplements to run more efficiently?

Joint repair, supplements for key corridors for recovery

Los Joint repairers are a type of supplements for runners especially indicated for the proper maintenance of the state of the joints . And for a more early recovery of the same after the practice of the exercise.
Some outstanding examples of these supplements to run:

UC II - 60 veg caps

It is a powerful joint repair with collagen suitable for vegans. This complex of undenatured type II collagen supplemented with Aquamin® red seaweed improves good cartilage status for optimal flexibility and mobility.


UC II - 60 veg caps

Joint Care Currant, take care of your joints

Formulated with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Collagen and Vitamin B12 contributes to the > reduction of tiredness and fatigue for a better joint recovery and a good state of the joints. It also helps the energy metabolism .


Joint Care 1000 ml Redcurrant

Supplements for runners with collagen

Collagen is essential for a cartilage in good condition . In turn, the good condition of the cartilage is essential for healthy joints and with good mobility . No discomfort and with the fluid flexibility that improves the performance of the runner.
Enter the sports supplements for collagen-based runners, highlighted two highly effective and healthy.

Collagen pink special woman

With a delicious cherry flavor and formulated with marine Collagen hydrolyzed with vitamin C, magnesium, coenzyme Q10 and plant extracts. Contributes to the adequate normal formation of collagen for the proper functioning of joints, bones and cartilage, as well as other benefits in improving blood circulation for less loaded legs and a younger skin.
All its ingredients have a important positive influence on the improvement of aspects of the organism key for the runner


Collagen Pink Special Woman

Hydrolyzed Collagen + Magnesium 2.0

It is made of collagen hydrolyzed with magnesium and vitamin C suitable for allergic to fish . It contributes to improve different functions of the key organism for women athletes in general. And, for its special attention bones and cartilages, to the runner woman in particular.


Hydrolyzed Collagen + Magnesium 2.0

Snacks, energy supplements for runners

During training or competition, snacks are the adequate help to recover strength . But it is not a matter of filling the stomach without more. Supplements for runners provide the precise nutrients for the athlete.
Do you want to know some of the most interesting?

Flapjack Bar, energy supplements

These delicious carbohydrate bars with apple and chocolate flavor provide slow-release energy . In addition, they have a high content of fiber and beta-glucans. An exquisite extra supply of energy without palm oil.


Flapjack Bar

Energy gel, maintain energy during exercise

This is a complete carbohydrate gel with L-Carnitine L-Tartrate enriched with Electrolytes and MCT. It benefits cellular hydration and contributes to the maintenance of energy during exercise .


Energy Gel - 60g

BCAAs, maximizes muscle recovery

Do you know the benefits of BCAAs as supplements for runners? These branched-chain amino acids work in building muscle by increasing and stimulating protein synthesis. That is why they help maximize muscle recovery.
These are some of the best BCAAs on the market.

EVOBCAA'S 2.0 for muscle recovery

With BCAAs and glutamine . For runners who wish to recover properly after exercising and to protect muscle mass during training and the race.



BCAA 2: 1: 1 + Vitamin B6

Helps to delay fatigue during sports, while promoting muscle maintenance .Its tasty flavor fruits of the forest and improves the satisfaction of each shot.


Glutamine + BCAA Powder

Electrolytes, supplements for runners

The contribution of electrolytes is key to compensate for the loss of this through sweat during sports. They depend, among others, on functions as relevant as hydration regulation or blood pH .

Electrolytes powder

These supplements for runners are diluted in water to drink in drinkable form . Thus, it is easier to take it at the right time, allowing proper electrolyte balance . Thanks to its neutral flavor you can dilute it in the drink that you fancy without seeing its taste altered.


Electrolytes in powder

Ready to drink, drinkable supplements

Drinkable energy supplements are a great help for athletes. During training and competition as well as behind them .
We present some of the most outstanding sports supplements for runners of this type.

Whey Refresh, ready-to-drink protein

Whey protein low in fat and carbohydrates ready to take. Refreshing flavors (orange and fruit punch) helps meet the daily protein requirements of the runner's diet . And all in one product already prepared, very comfortable and practical.


Whey Refresh - 500ml

Protein Smoothie, protein shakes with natural fruit juice

It is a delicious smoothie with a creamy texture with a high nutritional value. It is made from whey protein and fruit juices . Being a product ready to take the comfort of using it is huge.

Assess the benefits and help provided by these supplements for brokers to choose the right ones for you. Make the most of your contribution to your physical fitness as well as your proper recovery and improvement of your physical abilities during and after sports.


Protein Smoothie - 330ml

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