This is not diet, it's a lifestyle

Do not base your day-to-day diet, make it a healthy habit

How do you define "being a diet "? h2>

What is the first thing you think when you read "diet"? Could it be as an option? "Eat little and dishes that you do not like"

Unconsciously most people associate this term to live sacrificed in their diet, like going hungry, eating tasteless dishes. But do you know that this sector of society that believes this is due to lack of information? Let's talk about this false myth.

First of all we all have a diet, yes! even those who eat saturated fats and sugars. But it is a not very healthy diet, but it is still a diet. Since this term is defined as the set of foods ingested by an organism to cover its vital needs. There is a great variety of diets that are adapted to each person, according to their needs, objectives, diseases, lack of vitamins, or other cases.

Diet? = Go hungry? = No!

We can differentiate two large groups of diets:

  • Hypercaloric diets , are high-calorie diets, with the goal of healthy and clean weight gain Therefore, in this case the equality of "diet" = "going hungry" is broken. It is more! For people who have trouble eating or just do not like it, they have a hard time with so much food!
  • Low calorie diets , low in calories, with the order to lose weight in a healthy and moderate way. This type of diet is not only carried out to treat obesity, but also in the field of medicine as a complement to the treatments used in diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis or other cases.

Each one will take a different diet from the others, since each body responds in a different way, we are not machines! Nor do we always function in the same way! For this reason, the diet will adjust to the needs of each one.

Adapt your diet to your needs

Personally, I never like to use the term "Diet" because of the confusion generated by this term in many people, since unconsciously it is associated with "eating little and making sacrifice" due to lack of information. Do you know that there are diets based on fats? Yes, what you read, people who eat pizzas, sausages, fried eggs ... Would you like it, right? But think that everything tires; that is why it is very important to have a very varied diet in which you get the necessary nutrients for your body.

The key is in the variety and balance

With this I would like to tell you not to be afraid when they tell you to go on a diet! They simply mean that you change your diet, nothing more! It's just a matter of adaptation. In future occasions I will propose very healthy, tasty, not very laborious and very nutritious dishes.

Timbale of lentils

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